Emergency, emergency…

This post was supposed to be about Lucy and Huxley, two of the wonderful pets in the Family of the Month.   However, something pretty serious happened and I feel the need to talk about it.  Don’t worry, Huxley and Lucy will be talked about either later in the week or next week at the latest 🙂

Hi all, Amanda here.  I have been pretty vocal about the fact that my brother had a pretty bad car accident over the weekend.  He was on his way to Florida when he crashed in North Carolina and he is still there.  He is alive (Thank you Lord!) but he has serious injuries to his back and I am not sure when he will return.  The whole situation is a lesson in patience…I had to wait to find out where he crashed and where they took him.  I had to wait to see what happened and what they would do to “fix” him.  Now I have to wait to see when he will be able to return to us and his home in Connecticut.  I had to wait.  I HATE TO WAIT!

But, Amanda, what does this have to do with Amanda’s Paw Pals?  I mean, this is a sad story…but doesn’t seem to have a point.  Is there a point?  Why, yes Dear Reader!

John is not only my brother, he is also a client.  He has 3 very loving and occasionally insane dogs.  Because his trip was an emergency and not as planned as he usually is, I had a difficult time fitting him into an already full schedule.  But he is an established client of ours,so we do our very best to figure out how to accommodate.  In this situation, Brian Nieves (pet sitter extraordinaire and Amanda’s son!) was scheduled to stay at the house and do overnights with the dogs until John returned.  John’s good friend cared for the dogs for the first few days and then Brian took over.  That was the plan, at least.  After John had his accident that all changed.  Today I made the decision to find some foster homes for the dogs until John can care for them himself.  Not all three, one of his dogs is a good sized German Shephard.  John is having back surgery and when he gets home he will have a hard time with her.  He won’t be able to walk her and putting her on her run will be a challenge.   Just the fear that he will be knocked over was enough for me to start looking.  Turns out I didn’t look far, his friend who cared for the dogs in the beginning of the week volunteered.  A call to John cemented the deal and now Ariel is hanging with her 🙂

With that out of the way and the other two safe with Brian, I started thinking about all of this.  This is the biggest reason for an emergency contact on my pet sitting service agreement.  And this is also why I ask for someone other than the person you are with.   If you are both in an accident, who do I call to make sure your animals will be cared for until you can return?

I keep openings in my schedule for emergencies and last minute bookings, but I don’t know how much long term I can do beyond a planned trip.  So anyway, that is all I needed to say.  Hug your pets and your loved ones!




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