The death stare

Have you ever been sitting on the couch, minding your own business, when your dog comes over and stares at you?  Hi there, Amanda here.    I am staying at a fantastic home with four fuzzy hearts keeping me company.  Or am I keeping them company?  Potato patato…mutual cozy comfort!  Anyway, to get back to the staring. 

I’m sitting on the couch watching TV and writing in this blog when one of my newest BFFs comes over and sits in front of me.  Every time I look up, she is staring at me.  I pat her on the head for a minute and go back to work.  She walks over to her bed and curls up for a nap.  10 minutes or so later, I look up to find her in the same spot.  Staring.   This time I rub behind her ears and under her chin while I tell her all about the work I have to do.  She sighs appreciatively and licks her lips.   15 minutes later, she heads back to her dog bed for a nap and I get back to work.  I am writing a really great post about the benefits of a high voltage vacuum in my line of work and I keep forgetting my train of thought.  I go back to look up the difference between Bissell and Hoover but before I have time to type hoo she is back.  Did I mention the staring?  This time I bring her outside to go to the bathroom.  She does her stuff and comes inside.  I give her a treat and expect her to bring it to her bed to eat.  Except she doesn’t.  She eats her treat right there in front of me and returns to the main event…her staring contest with me. 

So back to the blog. Or not. All this staring has made me think that blogging is overrated. I think I will get some puppy love while she is demanding it so nicely!


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