Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We just had a decent snow storm in Connecticut, Winter Storm Jonah.  The storm brought snow and ice to most of the state, some areas more than others, and so much chaos.  It is so funny to listen to people talk; everyone scoffs at the joke about “need to get the bread and the milk” but I know that most of them just got home from Stop and Shop 🙂  But seriously, I have to implore with my clients to remember me!

Snow brings so many dangers for your pets in the way of frostbite, unchartered walking (you never know what is under the snow!) and that salt on the roads that can reek havoc on a dog’s foot pads.  I really try to concern myself with all these things; and I make sure I wipe paws off when we come back inside to remove any of that stuff.  I keep up-to-date with any information I need to do my job the way you expect it–the best way.

The only problem I have is when the driveway is covered in snow.  I know it is cheaper not to have a snow plow person come by when you aren’t even going to be there.  I know that some people are their own snow plow person so they can’t do it if they aren’t there! Most of the time I can make it up the driveway if it isn’t plowed (knock on wood!).   I carry a shovel in my trunk and I will shovel the walk ways so the house has a lived in look.  I will shovel “pee paths” in the yard if you have one of those little dogs (or not so little dogs!) that won’t pee if the snow is above their kneecaps.  I cannot, usually, take the time necessary to shovel the driveway so I can get in and care for your pets (and the other pets I have to visit that morning).  So, if a snow plow person doesn’t come I will (usually) shovel just what I need to get into the house.  Then I will call the client and ask them if they have someone I can call or if I should just call my own snow plow person.  (I have a good friend who does plowing and I would love to give Jim the business!)  Either way, it is a hassle.

Most people are really good about making sure that there is a plan in place for snow.  If I remember to ask when I sign people up then a plan gets put into place if it isn’t already there.  Unfortunately, I don’t always remember to ask and people don’t always remember to call someone before they go.

This post sounds whiny and I apologize for that.  Like I said before, most people take care to make sure I have a clear path when I come to care for their pets.  But I am begging everyone else to do the same.  I would like to spend my time playing with your animals and doing all the other things I am being paid to do (like feeding them, scooping litter, changing the water, etc.)  I always schedule extra time to shovel the sidewalks and the porch but that is all.  You know the saying, “When it snows, you have two choices.  Shovel, or make snow angels.”  Well, I would like to make snow angels!



Hi everyone–Amanda here again.  I have been thinking about what to write about next and have been drawing a blank.  I mean, this career is full of great surprises and (not so great) mishaps.  I have always thought that running a pet sitting business was book material.  Except when I sit down to write a post, I draw a blank.  What is up with that?!  Anyway, I have been binge watching the Vampire Diaries and one of the main themes seems to be judging people.  Or not, depending on the character.  It got me thinking, do I judge people on the way they are with their animals?  More importantly, does anyone care?

damon judging

People who hire me (or other pet care professionals) think of their pets as part of their family.  People who hire me actually feel bad for not being able to care for their pets on their own and they know that I am the next best thing.  People who treat their animals like they are the best things that ever happened to them are my kind of people.

So to get back to judging, I would like to say that I don’t judge anyone.  However, I am human and of course I do.  I judge those people who find it necessary to hurt an animal because they are frustrated or mad and the animal is too small to defend itself.  Those people are right up their with child abusers in my mind–nothing is so bad that it will make me not hate what you are.  But do I judge someone for blocking their dog off in the kitchen so he doesn’t get into mischief when he is home alone?  Nope.  Do I judge someone who lets their dog sleep with them instead of in a crate?  Nope.  How about that person who has an outdoor cat that never comes inside?  Nope.  Because I know that dogs can be destructive when they are bored or lonely; sometimes just giving them a small space (whether it is a room or a crate) can offer comfort and support to that scared friend.  I know that having a dog at the foot of your bed while you are sleeping can be a great comfort to you and the pet, it is really a personal preference.  I actually just read a survey that said 65% of dog owners have the dog sleep with them!  And I know that sometimes outside cats are feral cats that the owner cared enough about to give them food and shelter– but also had the knowledge to know that the outside is their home and forcing them inside would not be a blessing to that animal.

When I go to meet a new person, I am much more focused on getting to meet a new family.  No judgement required–just smiles!

It’s a new year and a new day

The year 2016 is going to be a great one for Amanda’s Paw Pals.  How could I possibly know that, you ask?  Easy–because I just do!  I am a strong believer in self-self fullfilling prophecyfulfilling prophecies and so I am believing myself into having a great year!

Business has been very good.  I have some really amazing clients (with two legs and with four!) and I am meeting new people every day.

It gets frustrating when I try to get my name out there and I don’t think it is happening, but inevitably someone will stop me at the store and tell me they saw my ad somewhere and I will feel better.  It takes time to build a following and I have to wait like everyone else!

All I know for sure is that 2015 was a good year and 2016 will be GREAT!