Josephine the Jovial

Hi all, Amanda here.  I have been putting off writing about the last member of this fur-family, Josephine.  Not because she is a trouble maker or boring (no way on both counts!) but mostly because she is new to me.  Josephine is the baby of the pack (although at somewhere around the age of 8 she is no baby!) and I just haven’t had as much time to get to know her as the others.20160611_104500

Here is what I do know about the beautiful Josephine.  Baby Cakes is her nickname, and she likes to eat (so I would have to say that is appropriate!).  When we come in from outside, she is the first one to get in her “spot” for a treat.  She is pretty laid back like the other girls, but she has a fierce streak in her when anyone gets “in her face.”    Turns out this family of dogs is built around mutual respect and understanding–everyone respects each other’s boundries and understands that ultimately Mom and Dad are in charge.  Not that there is never any plays for power 🙂

Josephine is happy to sit by the window and bark at the world.  And what a bark!  It is loud and deep…very effective!  She is a great Pyrenees and so her job in life is to protect and guard.  She takes that job very seriously;  she makes sure her Mom and Dad know when the mail comes, when a car goes by, when the other dogs are outside, even when there is a squirrel running around the yard!   Unfortunately for Josephine, Huxley also feels that his job is to protect the family and therefore they don’t always see eye to eye on who should take the first watch 🙂

I have spent a few evenings at this house and Josephine was so amazing at keeping me abreast of noises and potential threats.  When everyone else was sleeping, she was on point to make sure everyone was safe and sound.  I found that if she could see me, she could relax a little and get some rest herself; so we spent a good portion of time in the living room sleeping.  When she heard something, she could look up and see that I was okay before going back to her slumbers 🙂  The perfect guardian.

That is it for this family, although they are foster parents so I usually am introduced to temporary family members.  Josephine is no longer a foster, Mom and Dad just knew their family was not complete without this Grande Chien des Montagnes (“the big dog of the mountains”).  I am so glad!





O Lucy Beth, Lucy Beth…wherefore art thou…Lucy Beth?

Ok, so any of you Shakespeareans know that Juliet isn’t a dog…she is a Capulet.  But I don’t think anyone could argue that they are both very beautiful!  Hi all, Amanda here.  I would love to tell you about one of the pets of the mwp-image-1664029806jpg.jpgonth, Lucy.

What can I say about Lucy Beth?  Well, first thing is she is a breed I had never had or even heard of–an Akbash.  In Turkish it comes from Akbaş meaning ‘white head’.  She looks like a yellow lab with some very big differences.  The most obvious is that she is white like fresh fallen snow.  The other thing I noticed is that Lucy has double dew claws.  That is a standard trait of Akbash dogs and again, completely new to me.  I have enough trouble keeping up with my dogs nails…cutting them must be double trouble!  She also has an adorable curled tail that is fluffy at the end and the most soulful brown eyes I have ever seen.  If I had to pick the most beautiful dog in the world, it would be this 3 year old beauty.  Who am I kidding, it would be EVERY dog.  I couldn’t pick!!!!!!

I read about this breed after I signed up Lucy and her family to make sure that I knew all I could before I started watching them; and I have to say Lucy is pretty normal 🙂  She spends her time hanging out watching her family play and playing with her brother, Huxley.  The story I have been told is that Lucy Beth came to visit as a foster and Mom nor Dad could find a good way to tell Huxley that she couldn’t stay.  So they adopted her and added her to the family!  Huxley is forever grateful and he and Lucy are inseparable.  All the dogs seem to love her but where you find Lucy, Huxley is not far behind 🙂

Her Mom told me her nickname is Sweet Pea and she is a calm and Zen dog.  That is another trait of Akbash dogs…they are very quiet but very observant.  Please don’t mistake that calmness for uncaring…Lucy would definitely fight if someone was attacking her family!

So Huxley is not the only defender in the family.  Turns out this pack is like Shrek described himself.  Ogres have layers like onions.  This family has a lot of layers!  That is all for now, stay tuned for the last member of the family, Josephine, to be profiled.  Peace, Love and Paws!


Drum roll, Please…Huxley the Hero!!!!!!

Okay, so it has been a CRAZY month.  Some things really took my attention away from my blog for a minute but I am back from the asylum!crazy train

Hi all, Amanda here.  I would like to finish off July by writing a little about the rest of the pack from the family of the month.  Now, I know it is August and I am a week or so behind.  Please, Dear Readers, be understanding!  I will be announcing the family of the Month for September in a few weeks but think it is only fair that I spend a little more time with this family!

So, what can I say about Huxley?  Huxley under the stairsTo start, he is the only brother in a pack with 4 sisters.  Good thing they go to the bathroom outside…can you imagine?!  Just kidding.  Seriously, though…he most certainly makes sure his sisters are all good.  He is the most Regal-looking German Shepard I have seen in a while.  His family calls him Batman because of his ears and perhaps that is fitting as well.  I mean, Batman is a superhero who doesn’t rely on super powers to save the world.  He relies on a will of steel, smarts, and intimidation (among other things) to get his way; and he is a billionaire with education and poise when he isn’t fighting crime.  Yup, that’s Huxley!  Mia may be the General of the group, but Huxley is certainly the muscle.

In a few days I will talk about Lucy Beth, Huxley’s soul mate.  We will also talk about Josephine, who is Huxley’s other sister and may be a little mad that he loves Lucy more than her 🙂  Talk to you soon!