Don’t judge a pug by it’s collar…

two pugsHi Everyone, Amanda here.  I have had the idea for “the Poopie Chronicles” in my head for quite a while and I am excited to finally be bringing it to you.  Some of the stories in these pages are old and some are new.  No names will be real, but the stories most definitely will be.

My first adventure was when I started pet sitting.  I had been in business for just a few months and it had been going very well.  I was filling out contracts with ease, I was leaving clever little notes for the pet owners, and I was handling all the business parts well, too.  Until, that is, I pet sat for the diabetic pug.

Was it the insulin shots that got me so confused?  Nope.  I had taken a pet first aide class, and I had been pet sitting for someone else for over a year so shots were no big deal.  The problem, it turns out, was in the collar.

I met these two dogs, I will call them Mickey and Goofy, when I signed them up to be pet sat for ten days.  They were great dogs, they had a great routine and they walked well on the leash.  Because Mickey was a diabetic, I made a note on my contract saying that the dog with the red collar needed insulin shots.  Because I didn’t really know them yet and they were both pure bred pugs they were very similar.  One dog was a bit larger than the other, but at the time I didn’t even notice.  I thought I was so smart to write the collar color down since one dog had red and the other dog had blue.

Day one, visit one and I am on my way.  I have my notes and I have the key.  I open the door, and immediately see the colors lying on the counter by the sink.  I read the note next to it and it says, “Gave the dogs a bath so they would be clean for you.  They were still wet when I left so please put their collars back on.”  What?  But…I don’t know which dog is which!!!!  How do I know which dog needs the insulin?!

Thankfully, I had a mentor who had been pet sitting for quite a while.  I called her in a panic and she asked me to describe the dogs.  Turns out she had pet sit for them before and she knew which dog was Mickey and which dog was Goofy so she was able to tell me which dog needed the shot.  If she hadn’t, I would have had to call the owners on my first visit and ask them.  Not a way to instill confidence in my business!