It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


The above picture is from a pet food drive that I co-hosted with Adorable Pets Veterinary Center.   We pledged to donate $1 towards every pound of food up to $750 ($250 from Amanda’s Paw Pals and $500 from Adorable Pets Veterinary Center. )  People told that I wouldn’t raise that much and without Adorable Pets I wouldn’t have.  As it is, I think we may have done it!  Totals will be in by Monday.

This food drive has been so eye opening for me.  I honestly didn’t think I was going to do much but partnering with Dr. Bernie and Adorable Pets made all this happen.  My clients, of course, helped add to the total. Everyone was so receptive and giving.  It truly reminded me that pet lovers are so amazing.  And it reminded me why I love my job working with these amazing people!

It’s a brand new day!

I began this blog with the idea to include it on my website,  I thought it would be fun and informative for people to be able to listen to the comings and goings of a pet sitting company.  But…I couldn’t seem to get it to link to my website.  After a few tries, I gave up and stopped writing in the blog.  (Hence the long time between posts!)  It is almost the end of the year and I thought I should give it another shot.

This post is about sharing jobs.  As a rule, I don’t like to share a job with anyone else.  It’s not that I want it all to myself (insert menacing laugh!) but it creates more responsibility and more stress for me.  If I am taking care of your cat but your neighbor is also stopping in, I am always worried about whether they came or not.  Or if they are supposed to let the cat in at night and I arrive in the morning to no cat?!  It is pretty nerve wracking.

I have a story about sharing jobs that I would like to tell you.  Over the summer, I was caring for some cats and the home.  Everything was going well except with the plants.  Amanda’s Paw Pals offers free watering for your indoor plants (within redead plantsason, if you have a greenhouse room we will have to talk!) and outdoor plants (again, within reason).  I had watered the plants before for this client when they had a garden.  There was an extra cost involved because of the amount of watering, but that was okay with them.  Anyway, this time around they didn’t have a garden just a few plants by the front door.  I offered to water them (free service since there weren’t many) but they told me the neighbor was going to take care of it.  To make a long story short, the neighbor forgot to water the plants.  The family was away for almost three weeks and it was pretty hot while they were gone.  I asked the owner on two occasions if she wanted me to water the plants.  I didn’t want to be a tattle tale but I was concerned for the plants!  Each time the owner told me she would contact the neighbor.

I am not sure what the neighbor was telling my client but in the time that they were gone, I saw the neighbor twice.  Once in the very beginning, and once about two days before they were scheduled to be home.  I am not sure why she bothered on that last visit, the plants were very obviously dead.  My first thought was to go to the local plant nursery and replace the plants.  Appearance is a really big thing for me and I didn’t really want them to pull in the driveway and see dead plants as the first thing.  But I held back.  I was not in charge of the plants so it would not be held against me that they were no longer green.  I made sure all my responsibilities were taken care of and the house was as clean as the day they left.

When the owner contacted me a few days after, her first words were “I should have let you take care of the plants.”  I reminded her that I only charge if there are a lot of plants so it wouldn’t have costed her anything to do that in the future.

Even though that isn’t exactly what I mean by sharing jobs, it makes the point that I want to make.  When I am sharing a job with someone who isn’t invested in making sure everything is perfect, it makes my job harder.  Because I am invested in making everything perfect!