Mia cooling down after some time in the heat!

July is upon us and so is the heat!  They are forecasting a heat wave over the next few days…great time to start a new running program, if I do say so myself.  (And I do…something about hot weather and cute little outfits makes me want to lose weight, go figure đŸ™‚ )  Another really hot number in July is Tessa.  Oh, and Lucy.  And Josephine, AND Huxley!

Tessa chilling inside!
Hi all, Amanda here.  This month’s family is a pack of 5.  All rescues and all fabulous!  This group has been our Pals for the 7 months or so and I am so glad to know them.  They are like typical siblings, wrestling and fighting when they are outside but snuggling together when they are inside.  

Lucy likes the view from up on the stairs!

Huxley      Huxley likes the cool tile the best!

  Their parents are pretty awesome, too.  Not only have they opened their hearts and homes to these 4, they also foster one more…Josephine.  

Josephine smiling for the camera!

So that is all for now.  I will post again with some individual attention in a few days, stay tuned!


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