Rocky the Robust!

Hi all, Amanda here.  I typically take pieces from the information I get from pet owners about their stars, but I would like to make an exeption.  This week is dedicated to one of Amanda’s Paw Pals who has passed.  Rocky and his family joined our pack last year and I didn’t get nearly enough time with Rocky.  I have loved this career for so many reasons but I can honestly say that the day Rocky crossed the rainbow bridge was a day I wished I worked in an office and didn’t do this pet sitting thing.  It turns out that it doesn’t really matter how much time a person spends with a good fur-friend for tears and sadness to come when they have left!  So, here is the letter I received from Donna about Rocky.  Enjoy reading, I did!

Rocky Xmas

“Rocky joined our family 14 years ago with his sister Jewel.  We had two young girls who missed having a dog in the house.  Our previous dog, an American Staffordshire/Flat coated retriever, passed away at the ripe old age of 18 about a year earlier.  After saying no more dogs, it’s too sad when they pass. We relented and got Rocky and Jewel.  Jewel died of Renal Kidney failure at age 5. So Rocky being the only dog, had two girls to dote on him.  Every other night he slept in one of the girls beds, he seemed to remember which room was the correct one for the night!


Rocky loved to hike, which amazed everyone that saw us out there putting on the miles!  He had great stamina.  He travelled everywhere with us and because of his huge eyes and furiously wagging tail, he always got extra pets and attention from perfect strangers.  At the dog park, Rocky cruised around to all the people for petting, which was plentiful.


Rocky was always being dressed up for holidays and wore pajamas to bed (partially because he was a profuse shedder and partially because he looked adorable in his t-shirts, pajamas and ducky robe).  He was very tolerant of being dressed up and he really enjoyed the extra attention he got!


Rocky was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder of his sinus passages in the beginning of 2013.  We were told not to expect him to live many months since it was incurable and degenerative.  He bounced back a few times, he had a fantastic will to live.


He always wanted to be with his dog pack and his people pack.  He was a funny clown always doing something to make us laugh. He loved to play tug of war, it got to the point where we would hide all the rope toys because he would not take no for an answer.


Rocky passed away peacefully at home with us on May 25th. We miss him but have many fond memories, pictures and stories to remember him by.”

All I would like to add to this is to point out that Rocky lived about 3 and a half years after being diagnosed with his degenerative and incurable autoimmune disorder.  He had such a great life, he just wasn’t ready to go!  I am so glad I got to meet this robust little dog.  I definitely thank God that his Mom found me before Rocky passed away!


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